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About Us

Welcome to The Multiverse!

The Multiverse is Berlin's only comics themed candy and Funko! Pop shop and café. It is the culmination of Peter's dream. The original inspiration was a trip to The Wormhole in Chicago, a science fiction and comics themed coffee shop with a DeLorean sticking through its back wall. In November 2021 The Multiverse was opened, initially jsut serving sweets and coffee. Since then the offering has expanded to include Funko Pops, clothing and other collectibles.

In the first year we have had the Berlin Spawn Fan Club convention here in the shop, a weekly writer's group, a women's improv group and the Berlin Comic Book reading group.

For The Collectors

We sell Funko! Pop from movies and television shows including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC universe, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, The Witcher, Stranger Things, and many more. Check out the Collectibles section for more information.

The Multiverse opened its doors in November 2021 and since then we've expanded the range of things we sell.

Fun facts about the Swedes and their habits!

The Swedish people consume the most sweets of any country in the world--an amazing 16kg per person every year. Candy eating is also part of the culture for Swedish adults much more than here in Germany. Of course this means that Swedish candy is particularly high quality, and dare we say it, sophisticated. While also representing excellent value for money.

Sweden also leads the world (almost) in coffee consumption, second only to Finland with over 10kg per Swede per year. So it was natural to combine this with Peter's love of comics, and to open a comics-themed cafe and sweet shop.